One of our massage therapists practices Thai yoga, an oil-free massage performed on a floor mat and consisting of pressures and stretching.The patient remains fully clothed. This massage promotes relaxation and also reduces tension, stiffness, and muscle spasms.Our other massage therapist practices Swedish massage, often called sport or therapeutic massage.This massage treats the deep layers of muscles and is performed on a massage table.

The Thai Yoga Massage combines the positions of yoga , spirituality and meditation as well as the benefits of therapeutic touch through massage . Working the energy lines is the basis of Thai massage. Thai medicine is based on the belief that intrinsic life force , or energy (prana ) circulates in the body . To create health and vitality, it is essential to allow the energy to flow freely . When prana is blocked or restricted, discomfort or illness occur , which can manifest physically, emotionally or even spiritually . The main purpose of massage is to release these blockages and allow energy to flow along the sen. Even without being based on the Chinese meridian system , the sen energy system is very similar.

Thai massage is part of massage therapy techniques, but is distinguished by three characteristics: - Stretching : exercises based on yogic approach, they are in tandem with the practitioner. - The energy work : the massage itself , practiced with palms and thumbs , but sometimes with arms , forearms , elbows and feet. - Meditation: The meditative aspect is very present. This is to focus on oneself through the practice of yoga, but the postures and movements are provided by the therapist while maintaining the flexibility and pace.

Swedish massage is a series of maneuvers applied to the muscle or joints and for repair tired muscles , dull or inhibited . It aims to maximize the body's capacity for action , improves circulation because it promotes the return of blood to the heart and improves lymphatic circulation, cellular nutrition and elimination. Swedish massage harmonizes tensions and stimulates the self-regulatory functions of the person by using his power self healer.

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