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You regularly experience discomfort on your wrist at your computer ? Perhaps the excessive use of the mouse during your work day creates you discomfort or pain . Tendonitis of the wrist supports these new ways of working with computers in the 21st century . THE CAUSES If you are a good swimmer, a carpenter or a baseball pitcher, you are also at risk of suffering from tendinitis, this time in the shoulder. The overuse of the tendons of the region can cause strain in the context of a sport, a professional activity or some leisure. Tendinitis can radiate pain to the neck or fingers. About tendonitis in the shoulder joint this region includes four muscles that make up the rotator cuff: the subscapularis, supraspinatus, the infraspinatus and the teres minor. Often it is the tendon of the supraspinatus is involved in shoulder tendonitis creating inflammation. This muscle connects the humerus (upper arm bone) to the shoulder joint. OVERUSE TENDON Tendinitis usually occurs when the tendon is overused due to frequent repetition movements made improperly. This repetitive use can lead to tissue fatigue that will override the body's coping mechanisms (homeostasis). The vertebral subluxation complex (disturbance of the mechanics of certain vertebrae of the spine disrupting neurological functions) can also cause a deficient control of the musculature of the shoulder for example, causing an asymmetric movement of the joint. This asymmetrical movement could hurt the supporting tissue (capsule, ligament, tendon). This loss of control of the nervous system can also cause a local loss of blood circulation, weakening all the components tissues and make them more vulnerable to injury. Finally, a malfunction of the dorsal vertebrae may cause irradiation of pain to the shoulder including abnormal muscle tension at the shoulder blade. In return, it will prevent the shoulder to move freely and efficiently. REDUCE RISK To reduce the risk of wrist tendinitis, try to change mouse format. By changing the decision will change the movement of your hand and your fingers. Regarding shoulder tendonitis, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of this joint area, especially the muscles of the rotator cuff. It is also useful to provide a warm-up of the shoulder before engaging in work that requires to exert force forward with the arm in the raised position. If you must lift objects on high shelves for instance, it is preferable to use a stepladder. In this way, you will avoid stretching to take an arm's length object. Similarly, when you are in the front seat of a car, do not twist your body to pick up a bag or paper on the back seat. This method of lifting off-center shoulder while increasing the risk of injury. While it this is not a serious condition in itself does not quickly cure a tendinitis may create a series of serious problems (bursitis, tendon tear, etc.) or progression to chronic tendonitis. Sometimes the amplitude arm movements is reduced and the shoulder muscles slowly atrophy if not used. Do not wait to treat you. Like all the problems associated with joints, the longer you wait, the more the wound will worsen and more time will be required to achieve your original condition. ADVICE Apply ice 15 minutes every three hours. When there is pain, there is often the presence of inflammation. The inflammation more effectively control with ice applications. Avoid the application of heat, which tends to increase inflammation. Change your mouse when pain appears. Or even for the cleverest, change time to time hand! Regularly move the shoulder in the day avoiding painful movements in the directions. Consult your doctor of chiropractic to perform a review of your neuro-musculoskeletal system. This will identify the problem while promoting faster recovery.

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