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Thursday April 28th, 2016


ARTHRITIS AND SPINAL SUBLUXATION Osteoarthritis is a clinical sign of the presence of a subluxation (misalignment or bad movement of a joint). Subluxation causes poor coordination between the nervous, muscular and articular. The presence of a subluxation can also promote the progression of the degeneration of the affected area. Osteoarthritis is more specifically the wear of the joints that can cause pain. The tissue covering the joint surfaces - the cartilage - thins and crack over time. Stress supported by the joint increases as the cartilage disappears, from which the onset of pain. Your chiropractor will help relieve your pain. FACTORS TRIGGERS Although the elderly are more vulnerable to osteoarthritis, everyone can suffer. As we age, the joint cartilage wears and makes the body more vulnerable to this type of pathology. Osteoarthritis can also be due to accumulated injuries (falls, minor accidents, poor posture, etc.). These disturb the normal movements of certain articulations and promote the development of localized wear. Did you know that an injury not treated in time because a weakened cartilage, ligaments and capsules involved in the accident? Because it makes them more vulnerable joints, the body compensates by producing scar tissue instead of repair due to normal tissues. Result: osteoarthritis, which has 15, 30, 55 or 80! Besides age, some research also suggests that osteoarthritis could be due to genetic makeup, to overweight which has a greater stress on joints (hip, knee, etc.) or to damage caused by overuse joints for example. IMPACT OF ARTHRITIS HEALTH In many affected individuals, no symptoms are apparent until a trivial activity or a larger incident acts as trigger. The condition is more advanced, more symptoms and pain may be significant. In the long term, the joint space may completely disappear and the joint surfaces will undergo deformation. Other symptoms, such as stiffness, numbness in legs or arms and chronic muscle spasms can be caused by the presence of osteoarthritis. THE DIAGNOSIS A chiropractor is a medical professional first contact: it can be accessed anytime, without having to be referred by another health care professional. His responsibilities the nervous, muscular and skeletal. By training, he is able to diagnose allowing it to create a plan of care for your physical condition, your age and your health goals. Do not hesitate to take stock of your health with your chiropractor. Following a questionnaire, physical examination and radiological assessment, it will be able to determine if you have osteoarthritis. TIPS TO PREVENT ARTHRITIS Your chiropractor is there to help you and relieve you. You can prevent osteoarthritis: adopt proper posture and follow the recommendations care lavished by your chiropractor. Poor posture can affect much of your musculoskeletal system. Maintain a healthy weight: overweight sufferers are more likely to have osteoarthritis problems because of the stress and pressure exerted on their joints. Young or old, you care about the health of your joints. People who perform repetitive tasks at work, in particular, should give pause and adjust their working environment ergonomically. If you are the victim of an accident that affected your neuro-musculoskeletal system, do not wait before seeing a health professional. Even in cases of minor injury, you will regain optimal joint movement if it is treated within a period of about 45 days. Do not let osteoarthritis install: drag and flee!

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