About our clinic

Dr Martin Lapointe, the clinic owner, has been a licensed chiropractor since 1995. Since the establishment opened its doors in 1999, a huge number of people suffering from various ailments have attended the clinic regularly, for a matter of weeks or months, in order to regain their health and wellness. On every visit, they received a personalized welcome and attentive service.

All treatments at the clinic are dispensed by an experienced and competent chiropractor: Dr Martin’s extensive training and experience allow him to offer impeccable care to all his patients. A graduate of Parker University in Dallas, Texas, he also holds a license to practice in radiology and is currently pursuing postdoctoral studies in neurology.

Ably supported by two massage therapists, Dr Lapointe’s efforts are always directed toward the same objective which reflects clinic’s mission: To guide people of all ages toward optimal health and wellness by using natural methods as much as possible and by providing advice leading to a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, physical exercise, posture, rest, positive attitude, etc.). His dearest wish is that his patients will ultimately discover their health potential and make wise choices enabling them to preserve it.

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